Tic Tac

Time is our most precious commodity. It’s an everyday blessing. Time gives us the power to change the world, redirect our lives and help us achieve our goals and fulfill our purpose. Once lost, we can never get it back – so cherish it and use wisely.

The clock at the center of Grand Central Terminal

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The Cardinal Rule…

I said yes to your friendship,

You said yours to mine,

We’re happy just like this,

I don’t want to lose this moment,

Being more than friends is a risk,

It’s a cardinal rule not to expect more,

When all we have is friendship…

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words that rhyme.. an attempt to the world of poetry

been thinking of the words that ryhme,

good to the ears, words that ryhme, words that rhyme,

the masterpiece has long gone by, long gone by,

because I’ve forgotten the words that rhyme, words that rhyme..

will time bring back the words that rhyme? words that rhyme?

will I ever encounter again the words that ryhme.. words that rhyme..

hope I’ll find again the words that rhyme.. words that rhyme..

been thinking about words that rhyme… words that rhyme…


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Friday Matters – Unwind, Dine and My AHA lines from Fever Pitch

Friday always give a fantastic feeling for young professionals like me. I can enumerate adjectives for my Friday fever besides fantastic – Friday is fabulous, fun, fulfilling, happy every positive word I can think of 🙂 And when it’s Friday – it’s TGIF indeed! After office I went to a mall to unwind and shop. I bought a lip primer for myself, a red bug lipstick for my mom and tried on a few Keds shoes and fall in love with the black crochet design and brought it home 😛


I also dined for the second time at a restaurant called Tsok Nut. Few people visited the place probably because of it’s location at the end of the fourth floor at the mall. Tsok Nut specialties were coffee, hot chocolate and pastries. The first time I read their menu, I was a bit surprised for they were also offering pasta. From Filipino dishes to some Italian like ones. I ordered Spaghetti “Aligue”. “Aligue” is a Filipino term for crab fat. Imagine an “al-dente” pasta topped with flavorful, sumptuous crab fat with trickles of calamansi sauce. Yummy! So until my second visit, even it made me feel guilty (too much carbs!) I had Spaghetti “Aligue”. 🙂


I thought of killing my time for it’s rush hour and MRT platforms were surely jam-packed of passengers going home, I brought out Fever Pitch, the book I am reading from one of my fave contemporary authors Nick Hornby.


The first Nick Hornby book I read was About the Boy which was adapted to a film in the 90’s. I remembered Hugh Grant and the moments his character made me laughed through his simple punch lines – simple yet full of humor. I continued reading Fever Pitch and decided to finish it before going home. The book was Nick’s testimonial of how he loves football unconditionally. His team was Arsenal and it’s incredible how such author had so vivid memories on all the Arsenal’s games he watched. It made me aware of how British go gaga over football. I’ve been acquainted of the term “football hooliganism”. It’s a documentary on England’s football from 60’s to the 90’s. It was a very good book. Besides, football, I also enjoyed Hornby’s journey on becoming a writer, from teaching to writing. Somehow, I can relate to his emotions of being on his 20’s and 30’s. It made my perception believe more on what they called pre 30’s crisis. That in a way, it made me realized that things I am going through at the present were just normal. It resembled an adventurer who encountered a crossroad and uncertain on the road he wanted to take. A young professional given options on what he wanted to do in his life. This was the point wherein I realized there was a significant difference between a job and a career. It made me asked myself – Am I doing a job that just pays off the bills? Or am I investing on a career that I would cherish through the coming years? Hornby’s words comforted me that having this kind of discernment chooses no particular race and place and gender. We have the same calling of being a writer and in a way Nick inspired me on becoming one. He cited on his book the mantra he always put in his mind, whenever he feels discouragement, whenever a publisher rejected his works. That is to commit yourself on the life you’ve picked. Here’s an excerpt.

Fever Pitch

These words echo in my head – I am smart, young and got talent and I have to commit  myself on the life I’ve picked. Persistence, consistency are the keys. After finishing Fever Pitch, another milestone unlocked! I am committing myself on harnessing my writing skills more by reading a lot and put writing into practice such as this. My next book on queue is Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird”, the book I was supposed to read eons ago, way back my grade school days but I don’t know, I always stopped on the first few chapters. Certainly today is the best time to finish it 🙂 I’ve got a couple of things to think over this weekend and I am happy I ended up my Friday – fabulous, fun and fulfilled. 🙂 Now I am almost ready for a rechargeable weekend. Thank God it’s Friday!

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Focus and Faith

Today I thought of having focus and having confidence through faith. I thought of these two things being correlated to each other. Focus and faith have a relationship. In statistics, correlation is a measure of relationship among variables. It can be positive or highly correlated or negative to no correlation at all depending on the degree of the relationship. When one is focused, it means he is undisturbed, he is concentrated and have one goal in mind. He is determined to achieve what he wanted regardless of the external forces around him. We have only one life and it’s a waste not to live it with meaning and purpose. Sometimes things overwhelmed us. It may come to a point we lose sight of the essential matters in our lives such as family and friends. One reason is we lose our focus. We’re derailed in our goal on having a meaningful and happier lives. We don’t know our priorities, hence, things became cluttered. When things are scattered on the ground we don’t know how to pick up the essential pieces, hence, making our lives difficult to bear. Often times, we want to have control on all things. We thought that if we micro manage our lives, we may feel secured in our future. But in reality, there are things that are beyond our control. We’re humans and we don’t have super powers to take lead on everything. We cannot dictate the situation nor the people around us. We can only have control in ourselves – in our attitudes and mind sets. That’s the most powerful thing we have. Having focus is a channel on controlling ourselves, being cautious in our actions and productive in all things. Through focus we can achieve one goal at a time, thus, eliminating the rocks and boulders and begin moving mountains. When we have focus, we begin to spark our faith. Faith is accepting the truth that we’re humans, we can’t control everything but we have confidence that things would be alright by the grace of God. Another truth is, we don’t exactly know what would happen on the next few minutes, hours, tomorrow or days and years. Still, we wake up everyday with the will to keep going. Ever wonder where’s the source of that? Isn’t it amazing we’re supplied with that kind of focus and will everyday? My aunt always say this excerpt from a book, “Life is not fair, but God is good.”Indeed, God is so good. We are His children, we are His creations, so He knows our needs, our aspirations. Let’s acknowledge Him in everything we do, focus on what we have now, believe that what we have at the present are enough to keep us going for God would not put us into situations we cannot bear. Focus comes up with faith. God wants us to focus and prosper in all things, as the saying goes “Do your best and God will do the rest.” Believe He will let us move mountains if we just focus and concentrate on our part and believe that He would do His. Remember His covenant? He will never break His promise.God’s delays are never His denials. Have focus, have faith.. 🙂

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Ready Get Set Goal!

As I finished my evening run today, I am glad that I am able to hit my target of doing 15 rounds. Hitting a goal gives me a sense of fulfillment, may it be on a simple workout or run or completing a project at work. As long as I exerted my very best effort to accomplish a goal, regardless if it’s recognized or not I always give myself a tap on a shoulder. Having goals means giving oneself a direction and a purpose in life. Without goals is like shooting an arrow outside a target board or riding a train without any destination in mind. After my run, I am reminded of setting SMART goals in life. Since I’ve been through a lot of discernment  these days (post Holy Week reflections) I thought of reviewing my set goals for 2015 and checked if they comply with the concept of being “SMART” goals. There have been a lot of resources about SMART goals, you can google it or read it in a book. Mine is my simple understanding of what SMART goal is all about.

S – Goals should be specific. Being specific means knowing what you really want to achieve. It is a clear vision of where you want to go? What you want to happen? How do you want it to be achieved? Who’s with you on attaining the goal? When would you like it to materialize?

M – Goals should be measurable. Being able to measure / assess your goal would help you keep your goal on track. It would enable you to know how much effort is needed to accomplish a project. Measuring a goal will ensure you that no effort would go on waste.

A – Goals should be attainable. You must set goals based on your available resources and capacity. What’s the point of having a goal knowing from the start it’s beyond your reach? Goals should give us satisfaction and fulfillment not disappointments.

R – Goals should be realistic. Goal is a vision you intend to happen not a dream that remains in your sleep. Goal should be in the world of possibility not impossibility.

T – Goals should be time bound. Goal would remain unachieved unless you accomplish it. Remember a goal is aimed to materialize and enable for you to know that you hit your goal, you should have your goal bound in time. Having a timeline would tell you if you achieved your goal or not. Is it a job well done? Or time to make a new one?

Though first quarter of 2015 is done, remember it’s never too late to set a goal. Or maybe you have a goal and wonder where you are on the road of achieving it? It’s probably the right time to review and align your goals in a SMART way. Ready get set goal! 🙂

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begin again… defying a writer’s block

I always compared myself to a soldier who’s fighting in the battlefield. I looked at life as that especially when all the external forces seemed impossible to surpassed. War freak minded as I am but I always have faith and optimism I’ll get through. Life molded me that way. I love the heroines in Walt Disney’s Mulan  and Hunger Games Katniss Everdeen. I love the concept of a strong willed princess, a fine lady warrior who’s beauty not only be found physically but with great intellect, seductive charm and a good heart. I am longing to write a story to make that heroine exists. I tried and my first attempt was poor. I began writing a chick flick short story and it’s still unfinished. Like my imaginative character, I should be a skillful warrior who plunges ahead of her mission regardless of how chaotic the world seemed to be. Lost of focus, cluttered mind, not knowing the priorities, diminishing creativity should be won over. As long as my brain cells have something to imagine, as long as ideas keep on being reborn and as long as my pulse beats for letters and words I should keep pressing on, keep on typing, keep on doodling stories until a masterpiece is created.

Let me share with you an anecdote that happened yesterday. For me this was my AHA moment of the week. I have a crush on a man for two years in a row. I met him last 2013. I like him because he’s kind, nice, sweet, big, smart and a very cute guy. 😉 He’s almost the man of my dreams. He’s like my knight in shining armor -my prince.  But reality check, he can never be mine. He’s too good to be true. He already has his princess. Though I looked at myself as a beautiful lady princess who can achieve what she wants in the world I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to this man. But I like and respect him more because of the way he understands me. He’s willing to listen to my stories and follows my analogy – I think that’s the part I love the most. We have this special code of friendship that only the two of us can decipher. I am too shy to admit he’s the prince charming of my own version of fairy tale – so he landed on a cameo role of a pumpkin and I on the other hand the mean stepsister. The mean stepsister who always missing the pumpkin. The pumpkin who’s always there for the stepsister. So our bond was like that..

Yesterday, I have again an analogy of the circumstances around us. Pumpkin said “Don’t be a stranger”. That anytime I need someone to talk to, he’ll listen. Creative as I am, I always compared my situation into anything it can be related to. Like my friends to a deck of cards. I have a great ally and for me he’s my ‘Jack’. It went like this:

Stepsister: “I thought I lost one of my cards, I have my Jack, and I thought I lost the King..”

Pumpkin: “And the Queen..”

Stepsister: “Who’s the Queen?”

Pumpkin: “Look in the mirror”

Stepsister: “This is the Joker”

I made Pumpkin laughed. How I wished those words came into life. Like in the movies, suddenly we’re in the world of Alice in Wonderland. He’s the King and I am the Queen. Sometimes simple conversations made me want to write again. Drafting a story wherein Pumpkin will be the stepsister’s prince. The stepsister won’t play the role of a Joker but of the Queen of the King. That’s a winning card combination don’t you think?

Now I am back writing…

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